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CATV Network Engineering  
Line Extender Installation
System Test

The Company is determined to leap ahead by providing the nationwide installation of coaxial cable and fiber optic cable that is essential for today's cable television (CATV) operation.This technology has been continuously developing its network to be in line with the Information Superhighway and Multimedia that will eventually offer thorough broadcasting and communication services. The practical system of CATV can make the signal clear and eliminate the problems of weak broadcast signals in both urban and rural areas.
Testing Equipment and Testing Signal   The merging of broadcasting and communication technologies can bring the interactive television which CATV systems enable it to become the television network. The new technology of CATV makes it possible to offer not only the kind of broadcasting services which have been available in the past but also the various kinds of greater information services. For example: Basic Channel, Pay-Per-View, Video on Demand, Shopping Channel and other telephone services.

These new possibilities bring profound changes to poeples's lives, both for business and leisure to be in line with the new communication lifestyle.
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