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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Thai Furukawa Unicomm Engineering Co., Ltd. is integrated in everything we do.
We aim to be a good corporate citizen and contribute to sustainable development by taking social and environmental responsibility for our business.

Policy Activities in year : 2009

- Doing the activity of growing forest trees for raising awareness of the importance of natural resource conservation, forest recovery and global
warming reduction. This activity was also intended to share the corporate social responsibilityexperience with the school located in that area by
inviting teachers and students to plant trees with us.

- Furthermore, company donated money and educational equipment to that school where have a lot of poor students studying in.

Name of Place
Planting tree
Kaoshee-Kaokonsamor in Sriracha (Royal Forest Dept.)
8 Aug 09
Baan Hoobbon School
8 Aug 09

1. Planting tree at Kaoshee-Kaokonsamor in Sriracha (Royal Forest Dept.),Chonburi (8 August 2009)

Planting tree Kaoshee-Kaokonsamor in Sriracha Chonburi

Contributions to the Department of Forestry
Planting tree with student Baan Hoobbon
Awarded the trees are planted
Management team join to plant trees
Employees to plant trees
2. Donated money and educational equipment for Baan Hoobbon School,Chonburi (8 August 2009)

Donated money and educational equipment for Baan Hoobbon School

Employees donated money and goods
Shooting with the school director
Share a meal with teachers and students
Educational equipment
Play games with students

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